About Us

At Digimedia , we are ushering in a new era in next generation multi-channel and multi-platform digital outreach for our partners. We aim to connect you with your target audience through scalable, customisable and individually tailored innovative solutions covering the full spectrum as a full service digital media company. As a globally-focused London-based specialist digital entity, our expertise and capabilities will deliver highly targeted and bespoke marketing campaigns for you to make a transformative impact on your business. Acting as a strategic extension, we will enhance and your marketing activities and deliver permanent outreach and engagement of your target customer base.

Services and Solutions

All our services and solutions cover in-depth market research, meticulous planning and a highly targeted execution for the desired outcome for your campaigns. These include:
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Social Media Setup
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Digital Media Strategy
  • Digital Analytics & Insights
  • SEO & Keyword Search
  • CRM Systems Design
  • SEO Strategy
  • Websites
  • Graphic Design
  • Mobile Media
  • App design and Build
  • Drone Filming & Aerial Videography
  • Content Writing
  • Online Community Set Up
  • Live Streaming & Broadcasting
  • Illustrations, Animations & Video productions
  • Online Database Systems
  • Brand Development
  • Product/ Service Launch Print Media
  • Traditional Marketing
  • Cross Media Marketing
  • Payment Systems

Social Media

With Facebook dominating the social landscape, being an internet user has become synonymous with being a social networker as 98% of digital consumers are also social media users.By deploying the latest customisable digital and analytical tools, we help our clients develop the best mix across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms to achieve desired results.

Cross Media Marketing

Our Cross Media Marketing services involve multiple media forms to integrate our clients’ marketing message into their target audience’s consciousness. Rather than marketing your product and/or service exclusively on a website, we can deploy a combination of mobile apps, paid search engine returns, link ads, YouTube videos, content marketing, print brochures, radio and television ads, social media, and trade-show marketing platforms to engage your core audience.

Digimedia Academy

With a strong a strong focus on the latest practices in the real world market place, Digimedia Academy delivers training and education courses on digital social media marketing techniques and skills needed by employers and businesses to deal with real business challenges.
You will have the opportunity to develop competent understanding of key techniques and the skill-set that will empower you to deliver greater productivity and efficiency in you role, both locally and globally.
Our courses cover the following areas:
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Social Media and Business Communication
  • Digital and Social Media Integration
  • Multichannel and Multiplatform Marketing
  • Integrated Social Media and e-Commerce Marketing
  • Digital Media Policy
  • Digital Small and Medium Enterprise Development
  • Consumer Engagement and Loyalty
  • Digital and Social Media Analysis and Strategy
  • Use of Information and Data Protection
  • Digital Media Strategy
  • International Law and Guidelines for Social Media